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Documents Required

FUBON GLOBAL INC.(Hereinafter referred to as "FUBON")is required to comply with FIAU rules for the prevention of money laundering and its related guidelines. FUBON is therefore obligated to apply due diligence measures whenever a new client applies for an account which must include the following documentation:

1. Identification

The identification document must contain a clear photo [1], the applicant's full name [2] and an identification number [3]. An acceptable form of identification can be one of the following documents:

  1. Copy of a Valid Unexpired Driving License
  2. Copy of a Valid Unexpired Passport
  3. Copy of a Valid Unexpired National Identity Card

2. Proof of residence

The Proof of residence document must contain the applicant's full name and a full residential address [1] .The document must be Current and valid and issued in the recent 3 months. An acceptable form of Proof of residence can be one of the following documents:

  1. Copy of a Recent Statement from a Recognized Bank
  2. Copy of a Recent Utility Bill such as a gas bill, electricity bill, telephone bill etc.
  3. Copy of a Government-issued Document with Residential Address

3. Copy of Credit Card - front

In the front of the card you should have:

  1. The Last 4 Digits
  2. The Client’s Name
  3. The Expiration Date

Can you send files to service@fubon.net,Or you can log on 'Member Center' upload "files" in FUBON dashboard.

Please note, FUBON may require other forms and documents may be required to complete the application process.

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