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Terms And Conditions

In this Agreement: "Account" means that you hold with us and designated with a particular account of the account. "Applicable rules" means: IFSC rules or any other rules of regulatory authorities; and all other applicable laws, rules and regulations valid from time to time. "Associates" in the same group as our commitment, the representative of the people, we are still in for our appointment, or any other person with whom we might reasonably lead to the commitment of social relations with the group and we expected them interests. "Base Currency" means US dollars. "Business Day" means a day which is not a Saturday or Sunday and the bank open Belize business. "Client Money Rules" means the standard license conditions specified by the IFSC rules - Legal Decree No. 15 of 2013 amendments, instructions and circulars These rules and regulations and, accordingly issued amended from time to time by the IFSC. "Contract difference" or "CFD" means a financial instrument specified in Schedule 2 of the Investment Services Act. "Credit Support Provider" refers to who has entered into any guarantee, pledge, guarantee agreement, any person in our favor margin or security agreement in respect of the obligations under this Agreement. "Electronic Services" means services provided by us, such as Internet trading services provided to customers through the Internet service, a WAP service and / or an electronic order routing system access to information and trading facilities. "Event of Default" means any event of default of 14.1 set forth in this Section 14 (event of default) of section 14.9. "Execution" refers to the customer transaction orders trading platform, the company acts as a principal to the customer is completed. "IFSC" is "Belize Financial Services Authority" acronym. "IFSC Rules" means the Investment Services Act (Act No. 15 of Belize), Prevention of Money Laundering Act (Belize Money Laundering and Terrorism (Prevention) Act, 2008), Belize International Financial Services Commission (Amendment) Act, 2013 --2013 No. 15 of the Act, the financial markets to prevent abuse bill, directives, circulars and all other relevant laws and regulations according to the release of all those guidelines, administrative notices, communications and rules issued by the financial services Authority of Belize (Belize legislation No. 15) and 2016 No. 10 SI - the international financial services Commission (licensing) (Amendment) Regulation 2016. "FUBON online trading system" refers to the trading system on our website on the Internet, so that you can provide guidance for us. "FUBON trading room" refers to the trading desk at our premises FUBON Ltd. is headquartered in Belize by our business. "OTC" means "OTC" refers to the ratio of exchange-traded otherwise. "Secured debt" means the person entitled (the default offset) offset paragraph after paragraph 12 (margin arrangement) Application of net debt you owe. "System" means all computer hardware and software, equipment, network equipment, allows you to use other resources and facilities needed for electronic services. "Transaction" means any transaction subject to this Agreement, and includes information about CFD, spot or forward contract of any kind or any commodity, financial instrument other derivative contracts (including any security), currency, interest rate, index or any combination thereof and any other transaction or financial instrument for which we are based on our investment services from time to time authorized by the license of the time, we all agree that there should be a transaction.

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