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Conflict of Interest

The website is operated by FUBON GLOBAL INC. ( "Company"), a Belize by the Financial Services Authority and the license number of regulatory IFSC / 60/496 / BCA / 16. The company is required, in accordance with the Markets in Financial Instruments Central America, Belize and in accordance with the International Financial Services Commission (Amendment) Act, 2013 (Act No. 15). It provides information about conflicts of interest related to the company's policy of information on its approach to managing any conflicts of interest comparison: interest and other customers www.fubon.net, our directors, employees and customers, between.

Conflict of interest is defined
The company provides benefits, because in any case, whether a company or an individual is in a position to take advantage of either business or personal conflict of interest professionals or official capacity in some way.

Conflicts of interest measures
A wide range of measures have been adopted on the company's prevention, control and management to engage in the exchange of information may involve the risk of a conflict of interest between the activities of the relevant personnel.

Disclosure of conflicts of interest
Conflict of interest when management companies to take measures to be taken are not sufficient to ensure reasonable confidence, which will prevent the risk of damage to the interests of customers, the company will disclose the conflict of interest to the client's interests to prevent the risk of loss of customers. Prior to this transaction or to provide investment or ancillary services to clients, a company of any actual or potential conflict of interest must disclose the interest. Disclosure will have enough time to fashion and durable.

Keeping records
For record-keeping purposes, the company also it will be regularly updated for all types of companies or on behalf of an accurate record of the investment and ancillary services or investment activities; the interests of one or more clients which will result in damage risk material conflict of interest has arisen.

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