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  • What is Forex?
  • Foreign exchange, foreign exchange or forex, it is another of a country's currency exchange. The term "Forex" is short-term foreign exchange. Forex currency trading allows investors to invest another one or more commodity tool.

  • FUBON is a group of professionals to establish and create a regulated online trading brokerage firms in the financial sector, will provide investment services for all types of traders and institutions worldwide have a clear understanding. A deep understanding of the company's technology infrastructure and continued demand Trader Construction. FUBON and the banking system and liquidity as well as to provide a strong connection combine to provide the best trading experience in today's marketplace.

  • That trading platform does not support what we offer?
  • FUBON provided by popular MetaTrader4, including desktop, Web and several platform options; move.

  • How do I start?
  • Sign up and FUBON trading account is quick and easy, just enter your personal information, we will immediately approve your demo account.

  • I practice before I can deal with real money?
  • Yes, by opening a demo account, we will credit you with $ 100,000 in virtual money to start practicing your trading strategies.

  • Do you offer Forex training?
  • Our customer support team to provide the best use of our trading platform valuable training and support. However, as a regulated forex broker, we can not provide guidelines trading strategy.

  • Where do I update my personal account information?
  • Once logged in to me, you can click the "Profile" to quickly and easily update your profile in the menu.

  • How do I deposit?
  • Customers can directly FUBON console or through their customer account manager phone deposit funds.

  • How do I retrieve my forgotten password?
  • Click on the "Forgot Password" , and follow the steps provided quickly.

  • Do I get support?
  • Yes, we offer the entire trading session all week and customers' personal technical support. Outside trading hours, the client will receive an e-mail support.

  • What statistics are there?
  • All transactions statistical data can be reported from the area of ​​the trading platform and FUBON.

  • How do I close my FUBON account?
  • Please contact your support representative or support service@fubon.net for us to close your account.

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