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Why Fufon?

Choosing the right forex broker is an important factor for successful trading. The reason why traders choose us is that we offer profitable trading conditions and high standards of service.

There is a significant risk in CFD and general leverage products, and you may lose your initial investment capital.

Comfortable trading environment

Cash withdrawal

A variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, 0 commission

Metatrader 4, mobile trading platform, multiple account currencies

More than 100 currency pairs

Free VPS Hosting

Dow Jones latest financial news

Favorable conditions for obtaining profits

Small Spreads: Mini accounts and standard accounts at least 2 points, ECN accounts at least 1.5 points

Leverage up to: 100 times

Mini-account minimum deposit amount: $ 300

· Order execution starts at 0.1 second

· Most payment systems do not charge for deposit and withdrawal

Professional technical support

· 24/7 service;

· Advisory services in four languages;

· Solve various problems quickly.

Exclusive Partner Program

· Partners receive a maximum of 10% of the average spread of transactions completed by registered customers, while FX brokers receive more than 20%;

• Partner revenue does not depend on the customer's profitability or customer transaction duration or transaction volume.

• Partner commissions can be withdrawn at any time.


In order to protect the investment capital, the professional trader chooses not only the specific transaction conditions of the company, but also all the companies that certify that the company complies with the relevant national legal requirements and the company complies with the internationally accepted financial standards. file.

FUBON has obtained the necessary financial services industry license. In addition, FUBON is a member of a number of special purpose organizations that are committed to overseeing and supervising the operation of financial companies, including the interests of the trader.

The Central American Belize International Financial Services Commission

Protect your customers' money

FUBON attaches particular importance to the protection of investment funds related matters. We guarantee the security of our clients' funds and are able to fulfill their financial obligations in a timely manner.

Cooperation with major banks

We are committed to providing the best customer financial asset protection conditions, and therefore chose the world's largest banking services. FUBON currently provides services to banks including:

Barclays, Citibank, HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, UBS and Deutsche Bank

Compensation fund

FUBON participated in the compensation fund, which is in foreign exchange transactions to protect the interests of customers is another important guarantee. The purpose of the Compensation Fund is primarily to provide protection to the Forex Broker in the event that it is unable to fulfill its financial obligations and to guarantee the Client's claim.

Separated funds deposited

In order to ensure the security of funds deposited in FUBON customers, customer funds and corporate funds are separated from each other, there are different bank accounts.

Financial Operations Security

FUBON has set up a security system to protect each trading account. The system uses the special procedures chosen by the customer to register the personal area to identify the account owner. The use of a reliable security system in forex trading ensures that only the account owner can perform the financial operations in the trading account.

Forex Trading Leader

The company provides some of the best foreign exchange market trading conditions, which in the global forex industry has achieved a leading position. The FUBON services are in compliance with the Central American Basic Financial Directive and are subject to the approval of the International Financial Services Commission of Belize (license number IFSC / 60/496 / BCA / 16) and are regulated by the institution.

Protecting traders' money and protecting foreign exchange operations are top priorities for FUBON. The prestigious international awards and recognition of FUBON's service quality and absolute reliability by the group of traders also confirm the company's reputation for being unassailable. Today, tens of thousands of traders around the world have become our customers, and this number is still increasing.

Risk Management

Fubon offers the most advanced trading platform and additional services to customers, enabling the automated trading of many foreign exchange transactions, in particular to avoid negative account balances. This is particularly important for protecting investor funds and avoiding the financial costs associated with negative balances.

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