Fubon Christmas and New Year's Opening Hours

Dear customers and partners!As Christmas and New Year's Day are approaching, trading conditions and office hours at many major financial centers will change, and this will affect your transactions in Fubon.For changes made during holidays (GMT + 0), see the table below


Forex trading hours

Gold, Silver and Futures CFD trading hours

December 24, 2014

Trading deadline is 22:00

Trading deadline is 18:30

December 25, 2014

Transaction recovery time 22:00

Transaction recovery time 23:00

December 26, 2014

Normal business hours

Normal business hours

December 31, 2014

Trading deadline is 22:00

Trading deadline is 22:00

January 1, 2015

Trading starts at 22:00

Trading starts at 23:00

Other times, trading and customer support will be as normal as usual.Please keep in mind that the 5-hour margin requirement on the two days of 2014/12/24 and 2014/12/31 will be based on the maximum leverage of 1: 100. Margin requirements will be recalculated 3 hours after the opening date based on the amount of funds available in your account or the stated leverage. This provision applies to existing open positions and newly opened positions. In the meantime, please keep these requirements in mind when selecting a trading strategy.Also note that during this period the market will be the main bank to provide lower liquidity, most of the currency to improve the situation of the spread. Thus, the spread of Fubon varies with respect to its mean value. In addition, keep in mind that the stop-loss can not be less than the spread.

I wish you a happy holiday, trading success!